Diagnostics imaging – ultrasound examination


Ultrasound is one of the most common diagnostic tools in modern medicine. It allows to examine the inner tissues of the body in a safe and non-invasive way and can be repeated in short time periods if needed. The ultrasound is used not only for diagnosing diseases, but also to monitor the treatment process.

In MML we offer a wide array of ultrasounds for adults, performed by dr JACEK PRONIEWSKI.

Ultrasound of the organs:

  • abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space
  • urinary tract
  • thyroid
  • salivary glands
  • testicles and epididymes
  • pleural cavity

Doppler ultrasound – blood flow testing

  • limb arteries
  • neck and vertebral arteries
  • renal arteries
  • visceral arteries
  • portal vein systems
  • limb veins
  • neck veins
  • main and iliac veins
  • renal veins
  • abdominal and iliac arteries
  • neck and vertebral veins

Breast ultrasound

Pelvis minor ultrasound

Groin ultrasound

Soft tissue ultrasound

Prior to the planned ultrasound test of the specified area, please follow the doctor’s instructions. For more information about the procedure, as well as pricing, please contact the MML front desk at (22) 406 54 22.