Eye examination

Eye tests

During an ophthalmological consultation, the standard is to perform the following examinations:

  • computerized eye examination using an auto refractometer
  • assessment of far and near vision, fitting corrective glasses if needed
  • measurement of intraocular pressure using an applanation tonometer
  • examination of the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea and other outer parts of the eye using a slit lamp
  • examination of the fundus of the eye by a slit lamp using Volka 90D and 78D lenses
  • examination of the fundus of the eye using an ophthalmoscope

Additionally, during eye examinations for workers and drivers, we test:

  • stereoscopic vision
  • colour vision

We also perform tests specific to certain eye diseases:

Tear ducts obstructions: 

  • Jones dye test
  • tear ducts test – rinsing of the tear ducts
  • assessment of the tear meniscus
  • assessment tension of the eyelids muscles and the medial palpebral ligament
  • administering medicine to the tear ducts and removing lacrimal sac abscess if needed

Dry Eye Syndrome:

  • tear break-up time
  • Schirmer test
  • staining the cornea with fluorescein and lissamine green
  • assessment of the conjunctival folds