Professorial ENT consultation450 – 500 PLN
ENT consultation – children dr hab. n. med. Lidia Zawadzka-Głos (M.D. Ph.D.)450 PLN
ENT consultation350-400 PLN
Procedure eliminating snoring and apnea with the use of COBLATION (CELON) method performed on the soft palate under local anesthesia3900 PLN
Nasal turbinate correction with the COBLACE method (CELON) under local anesthesia2700 PLN
Treatment eliminating snoring and apnea with the use of COBLATION (CELON) performed on the soft palate and nasal turbinate under local anesthesia5700 PLN

Prices quoted are approximate. The exact price is determined by the attending physician during the qualifying consultation, taking into account the selected medical procedures and materials used.

The price list of all services provided at the MML MEDICAL CENTRE is available at the reception desk.

We accept credit card payments.

In case of payment for surgeries it is possible to make a bank transfer before the surgery to our bank account with a note: the name of the patient and the date of the surgery (the patient shall bring the confirmation of the transfer on the day of the surgery).

Bank Accounts:

Centrum Medyczne MML Sp.z o.o.,
ul. Bagno 2, wejście E, lok. 3, 00-112 Warszawa
Account No.:
PLN – 43 1140 1010 0000 5690 8800 1001
EUR – 16 1140 1010 0000 5690 8800 1002
USD – 86 1140 1010 0000 5690 8800 1003

Patients with Signal Iduna, Interpolska, Allianz Worldwide Care, Cigna, Inter Partner Assistance, PZU Życie SA insurance policies may use our services within the scope of their insurance coverage.
Medicover Medical Center patients can also be referred to our facility for consultations, treatments and surgeries.
MML Medical Center signed an agreement with, which allows to spread the payment for treatments performed in MML Medical Center into installments.