Maxillofacial surgery

Chirurgia twarzowo szczękowa w Warszawie

Consultations by a maxillofacial surgeon are done in collaboration with an ENT physician. Their goal is to see if the cause of sleep-disordered breathing and apnea is a malocclusion.

During the consultation, the doctor conducts an examination of the oral cavity, occlusal conditions and the functions of the dental system, that is, the structures of the oral cavity: the tongue, palate, mandibular joints.

The patient coming in for a consultation is advised to take a telerentgenogram image of the skull profile. A 3D CT scan is the primary image from which the shape and position of the craniofacial bones, soft tissues, and the width of the upper airway can be initially assessed.

During the consultation, a preliminary analysis is performed based on the examination and photograph. The conclusions of the analysis help determine further actions. Thus, after a comprehensive examination, we suggest the appropriate treatment to the patient, which may be ENT treatment, orthognathic (maxillofacial surgery) treatment, or a combination of both.