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Team of orthopaedists

Lek. med. Damian Zaborowski

Orthopedic traumatologist specialist. A graduate of the Medical Academy in Gdańsk. In 2005-2012, dr Zaborowski worked at the STOCER Rehabilitation Center, where he dealt mainly with the use of arthroscopy in the treatment of injuries of the knee and ankle joints. In the years 2012-2015 he worked at the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw. He specializes in the treatment of chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system with the use of modern viscosupplementation, prp, and Cytori stem cells. Dr Zaborowski performs surgical procedures for sports and communication injuries, especially of the knee and shoulder joint. He deals with surgical treatment of fractures and the treatment of degenerative changes in the knee and hip joints (arthroplasty).