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Team of pediatricians

Lek. med. Marzena Gajewska

A graduate of the Warsaw Medical Academy. From 2000, she worked at the Children’s Memorial Health Institute, where in 2009 she obtained the title of specialist in paediatrics. Currently, dr Gajewska is completing her specialization training at the Clinical Hospital at Banacha in Warsaw in the field of allergology. For many years she has been working in specialist clinics for children, dealing with preventive health care for children, preventive vaccinations and childhood diseases. Specialization in allergology allows her to look after children, adolescents and adults. She deals with the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases of the nose (allergic rhinitis), skin (atopic and contact dermatitis), the respiratory system (asthma, bronchial hyperreactivity) and the gastrointestinal tract (food intolerances and allergies).

Dr n. med. Tomasz Matuszewski

Dr Matuszewski graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Military Medical Academy in Łódź. He is a specialist in the field of paediatrics and allergology. He cooperates with the Polish Association for Aid for Patients with Angioedema. He also works as a senior specialist in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Allergology at the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw. At the MML Medical Center, dr Matuszewski performs diagnosis and treatment of allergological issues in both children and adults. Performs  skin tests, diagnoses urticaria and swelling, treats atopic dermatitis, and treats patients with insect venom allergy and congenital angioedema. He also provides advice on infectious diseases for children and adults, such as: Lyme disease, herpes or shingles.

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