Orthopedics and rehabilitation

Longer and more active life results in an increasing number of injuries and ailments of the musculoskeletal system: joints, bones, ligaments and tendons. These are the very problems with which patients turn to an orthopedist. At MML, we offer patients medical care in this area as well. We deal with the aftermaths of injuries occurring in top-level athletes as well as the ailments we encounter in everyday life.

Movement and healthy living know no age limits. The most important goal, then, is to keep active and thus keep the whole body healthy – regardless of our age or athletic level.

Injuries and orthopedic problems occur not only in sports, but also at work – such as that associated with prolonged sitting in front of a computer. Therefore, in our clinic we adjust the treatment individually to the requirements, age and expectations of the patient.

It is worth considering whether there is someone among us who has joint or back pain, or perhaps other bothersome limitations related to the musculoskeletal system. If so, the expert team at MML Medical Center will find the best way for that person to continue to enjoy an active life.

Our clinic employs high-class specialists with years of experience and qualifications acquired continuously in Europe and around the world. Our advantage is our ability to provide fast, advanced diagnostics, and the fact that we truly enjoy what we do and believe in the treatment we offer.

We also understand that no one likes to be operated on, so we always try to use methods supporting the body’s natural strengths. However, if rehabilitation, biological treatment (stem cells, growth factors) or medications do not work and we see no chance of a full recovery, we offer a full range of surgical procedures. They are individually tailored to the needs of the individual patient each time. We put emphasis on the least invasive treatment, therefore we offer arthroscopy of all joints and extra-articular areas. This procedure allows for a short stay in our friendly hospital and a quick recovery. In this way, we also respect, save and rescue the patient’s own tissues because we understand that nothing is better than what nature has given us.