Audiometry – hearing test


In MML Medical Center we perform two types of audiometry: tonal and impedance.

Tonal audiometry

A test assessing the hearing threshold, which means the type and severity of hearing loss. It makes it possible to locate the cause of hearing loss (whether it is in the middle ear, inner ear or a further part of the auditory pathway). It is recommended to patients susceptible to

Impedance audiometry (tympanometry)

A test assessing receptivity of the inner ear’s conductive system and the pressure of the tympanum. It also tests the stapes reflex, which defines ear damage at the inner and middle ear and auditory nerve level. The procedure is short, non-invasive, objective, and it doesn’t require the patient’s attention. It is recommended to people at risk for experiencing significant pressure changes during diving or flying and it helps with choosing the right medication for travelling or diving.