Rhinomanometry – functional assessment of the nose

Computer rhinomanometry

Computer rhinomanometry is a modern diagnostic method that objectively assesses nasal patency.

There are many causes for nasal patency disruptions, such as infective or allergic rhinitis, deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, exposure to cold air, strong physical or chemical stimuli or some pharmaceuticals. A common symptom of disruption of nasal patency is breathing through the mouth instead of the nose. Unfortunately sometimes chronic or slowly increasing congestion can remain imperceptible to the patient.

As a part of an ENT examination, rhinomanometry verifies the state of the nasal cavities and helps in diagnosing chronic sinusitis, sleep apnea or allergies. The test is non-invasive. It measures the pressure inside the nose while the patient blows into two small tubes attached to the nose. In diagnosing allergies, the test is repeated after administering inhaled allergen.