Vitamin drips

Vitamin drips are intravenous infusions of vitamins or minerals. They are designed to supplement vitamin deficiencies in the body, improve well-being and regenerate after illnesses and surgery. It is an alternative to dietary supplements in tablets. IVs are easily absorbed by the body, with one infusion lasting about 30-60 minutes.

Until recently, IVs were associated with difficult accessibility and celebrity privilege. Nothing could be further from the truth! IVs may be used by anyone who has passed medical qualification. Prices of IVs depend on their composition and range from PLN 120 to 350.

IVs are the most effective form of delivering vitamins and micronutrients to the body. The composition of each IV administered is adjusted to the individual patient’s needs. Before the first infusion is administered, it is necessary to consult with a doctor. It is worthwhile for the procedure to be performed by professional medical staff caring for the safety and comfort of each patient. MML Medical Centre offers IVs with a variety of effects. Purification drips are aimed at people who want to remove unwanted substances, i.e. various types of toxins, from the body. Regenerative infusions are dedicated to people who have undergone surgery. This will allow them to recover faster. Those who are overtired should choose a drip with a strengthening or hydrating effect, and those who are active in sports should use the drip “for the active” to help improve fitness.

MML’s offer of drips:
1. Vitamin injection
2. Mineral injection
3. Hydration
4. Regeneration
5. Purification
6. Weight loss
7. “Mega Power”
8. Energy boost
9. Sports

  1. Regeneration after treatment