Faber test


FABER® is a cutting-edge system for diagnosing allergies on a molecular level. It consists of:

  • an in-vitro test marking specific immunoglobulins E (sIgE)
  • access to the CDRS platform, where a patient can see their results online in real time

The FABER® test was made using nanoparticle technology. It combines the knowledge of experts from the fields of protein biochemistry, multiparameter diagnostics, information technology and clinical diagnosis.

FABER® marks antibodies E for 244 different allergenic components – 122 extracts and 122 molecules from different allergenic sources.

How does FABER work?

For allergic people, allergens can cause the production of immunoglobulins E. Allergens are made up of many different proteins. Similarly, the proteins can appear in different parts of the body, for example as food allergies and inhalation allergies. This causes cross-reactions. FABER can test for cross-reactions, because it tests not only whole allergens, but single proteins.

FABER test is recommended in cases of:

  • allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma, hives, stomachaches and diarrhea as a reaction to food, allergies to insects or latex
  • more than one symptom appearing at the same time caused by different factors
  • when a diet eliminating certain products doesn’t bring expected results and avoiding the allergen does not improve overall health and wellbeing