Lek. Anna Stasiak

Okulista Warszawa Urszula Stachowska

Lek. Anna Stasiak,

Specialises in paediatric laryngology.

In the Medical Centre she deals with diagnostics and laryngological consultations of children and surgical treatment of tonsils in children.

She is a graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw. She completed her specialisation in

in otorhinolaryngology and paediatric otorhinolaryngology. She is gaining her professional experience

at the Otolaryngology Ward of the Bogdanowicz Children’s Hospital and during numerous internships at, among others, the Otolaryngology and Laryngology Oncology Clinic of the Polish Military Institute (WIM) and the Otolaryngology Ward of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital (CSK MSWIA), as well as at the Otolaryngology Ward of the Międzylesie Specialist Hospital in Warsaw.

Specialist Hospital in Warsaw.

Years of work at the Paediatric ENT Department, hundreds of surgical procedures performed

in small patients, and thousands of on-call hours, constitute a wealth of professional experience which she draws on every day in her professional work and which she willingly shares with others for the highest good of her patients.

+48 22 406 54 22